A Unique Privilege on Many Levels

One Consciousness Business Circle is for those who want to be part of an elite group of conscious leaders and make a difference to their families, organizations and the world.

One Consciousness Business Circle will take you deep into an incredibly magical journey where possibilities become realities as you move from existence to living, from ‘i-Consciousness’ to ‘One Consciousness’. As you progress in this evolutionary journey, your neurobiology undergoes a profound transformation and you get established in beautiful, transcendental and enlightened states of Consciousness. In these states of Consciousness, your life opens up to a magical field of synchronicities and you begin to manifest abundance in every form.


Truth Knower: In this attainment, you will explore the unknown nature of the mind; break limiting patterns that predate your birth through a union of the Power of Source and the Power of One Consciousness.

Life Knower: You use the power of ‘One Consciousness’ to conquer all challenges around prosperity and relationships. You create an abundance of wealth and love. You will experience synchronicities and miracles. Your consciousness achieves the power to impact others.

Self Knower: You conquer suffering and transcend the duality of suffering and pleasure; of praise and humiliation; of the past and the future. You realize the true nature of the Self. You go beyond good karma and bad karma to a space of Witness Consciousness. You experience Transcendental States of Consciousness.

Cosmic Knower: You realize the true nature of birth and death. You awaken to the true nature of the universe. You realize the immortality of life. You awaken to Enlightened States of Oneness.

Philosopher Teacher: You begin to impact the world through the power of ‘One Consciousness’ and the wisdom that has emerged in you. As a Philosopher Teacher you are established in a state of Oneness with all life. Equipped with the right wisdom, you serve as a guiding light to society.

The first 4 attainments are each 2-Level journeys while the last attainment is a single level journey.

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