You have been part of the family and have been on an evolutionary path all these years in GAP. Now the time for our evolutionary curve to rise more steeply than ever before has arrived. And hence the change of name from GAP to One Consciousness Leaders Circle.

This new identity will help you know your unique place in the unfolding of world transformation.

Krishnaji and Preethaji have designed OCLC as a scientific progression of awakening in consciousness for every one of you. We sincerely hope you will enjoy your new identity as a One Consciousness Leader.

And it is in this context that a precious gift is being offered to you by Krishnaji and Preethaji from the Academy.

To register, simply click the button below and complete the OCLC Registration Form. We will email you a registration confirmation, further details about your trip along with an invoice with payment options.

Course Fees:
Level 1 (12 days) – $100,000
Level 2 (9 days) –  $  60,000
Level 3 (9 days) –  $  60,000
Level 4 (9 days) –  $  60,000
Level 5 (9 days) –  $  60,000

Please note that all amounts are in U.S. dollars ($).