PERSONAL PROCESS is a 5-day extra-ordinary inward journey offered to individuals by Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji.  It’s a one on one journey tailor made for each individual.  The description here is only an approximation as the journey is organic and spontaneous.  This is not a course, but a hand-held spiritual journey.

Number of days – 5 days
Number of hours – 6 hours each day

Every Personal process involves 30 hours of intense inward journey and a deep cleansing process.


Each layer of your Koshas / consciousness are cleansed leading to intelligent solutions for your problems, dissolution of your suffering states and a strong connection with the Divine. This powerful spiritual journey would also open the doors to the miracles that you have been looking for.

Each day we will be going on a journey into one of the 5 layers of consciousness. It is about cleansing your consciousness layer by layer.

DAY 1- It starts with an energetic cleansing of your physical body by going through various esoteric meditations and practices that are designed by Sri Preethaji.

DAY 2 – You will travel through the mystical aspect of your consciousness by activating the various energy centers- the chakras, the energy channels – nadis and awakening the Kundalini or the latent cosmic energy so that there is a spiritual awakening within you.

DAY 3 – Dissolving your emotional wounds around relationships and an awakening of the heart.

DAY 4 – Going on a profound journey into the deeper unconscious layers and cleansing the negative impressions that you have accumulated through negative life experiences.

DAY 5- Becoming free of karmic bondage and awakening to a true purpose in your life.

You will be finding solutions to the problems and addressing suffering states that are right now troubling you in your life.

You will be able to dissolve those long drawn suffering states of your life by becoming free the ghosts of your past.


1. Every personal process is being guided and mentored personally by an Ekam Dasa, who in turn are directly guided and mentored by Sri Krishnaji and Sri Preethaji.
2. Each day would begin with the ancient practice of yoga, as part of the preparation.
3. Each day of the journey would culminate with a special immersive process to help you deepen the day’s experience.
4. The greatest privilege of the personal process is having Sangat with Sri Krishnaji. Sangath is a sacred and a powerful experience of being in the presence of Sri Krishnaji and receiving blessings. You will be guided and blessed by Sri Krishnaji for the immediate challenges of your life to be resolved and for a greater awakening to happen in your consciousness.

Your personal Process would lead you on a spiritual journey that would manifest those blessings in your life.





    Personal Process