Sangath with Sri Krishnaji is an unforgettable experience of being in the presence of an enlightened mystic and a sage.

In these moments with Sri Krishnaji, seekers’ experience a love and security beyond words. You feel felt without boundaries and judgements.

You receive guidance from Sri Krishnaji for the most significant areas of your life. You are lead from confusion to clarity in thought and action.

You are given 3 choicest blessings for your mundane life, as well as your evolution on the path of awakening.

Sangath Dates & Times:

Monday, August 8, 2022
Approximate time:  6:30 am PDT / 9:30 am EDT / 8:00 pm IST
Kumarji will be in touch with you with times and call in details.
If you have any login difficulties, please contact Kumarjiat +91 99492 34561 or Paula Schroeder at 813-731-4993.

Sangath Guidelines:

Duration:  15 minutes (with blessing time of 2 mins)

No. of people: Minimum 1 – Maximum 4

Family members only, preferably to joining from one place.

Place:  To be sacred and well presented.  Proper internet, visibility and seated in a sacred manner.  You can light incense and candles for one to feel pleasant and sacred.  Better to have in a closed room with nobody to move in and out of the room.  No pictures or recording.


Please get ready with 4 questions total from all family together.

Please get prepared beforehand, to avoid deviations in conversations.

It is requested to write and give the questions in advance, so that while talking, you will be clear stick to them.

Each of family member can choose to ask Krishnaji one question but limited to 4 in total and Krishnaji guides.

Blessings: Only 3 important things.

Whatever is the number of family members, total blessings you can receive are 3 maximum.

After you finish the interaction with Krishnaji, each of you would tell the blessing you want in a single sentence or two sentences.

After blessing, you will express gratitude and Krishnaji will greet you.

With that, Krishnaji’s video goes off.

Thank you.


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