Expansive Events is happy to offer the courses of One World Academy, a school of philosophy and meditation for transforming consciousness. Founded and Mentored by Krishnaji and Preethaji, the vision of One World Academy is to awaken individuals to the Power of  Consciousness. It is their personal experience that when we awaken to the Power of Consciousness, a flood of synchronicities and abundance in every form makes its way into our lives.

The wisdom offered in these courses aim to bring about a shift from ‘i-Consciousness’ to ‘One Consciousness, from the illusion of separation to an awakening of interconnection with all that is, from exclusive to inclusive thinking, from suffering to joyful and expanded states of being.

The courses are a holistic coming together of science and esoteric wisdom, life transforming processes and revolutionary insights, deep meditations and joyful celebrations, heartfelt connection and liberating laughter. Tailor made to especially suit the modern day needs, these courses are sure to be a delightfully unforgettable experience that will forever impact the way you live, love, achieve and contribute.

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