Create The Field. Transform Lives.

Having deepened your own transformation, here are three profound outcomes you will get from Field of Transformation-Advanced:

1. You access transcendental states of being with ease.  You are one with The Flow.  Your ability to create synchronicities is magnified. You manifest richness and wholeness to life.

2. You direct the power of your Presence and consciously create the Field to impact others. You carry the power to transform their inner state.

3. Immovable Inner Stillness becomes your natural state of being. Peace becomes an effortless way of living. And the torturous incessant Mind Chatter is silenced.

Re-experience the magic of wisdom, meditation and transcendence.

The course fee is $5,000.

It’s easy to register. Simply select from the course dates below and click “Add to Cart” to make the deposit. We’ll email you an invoice for the remaining balance along with further details about your trip. All amount are in U.S. dollars ($).

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