Personal mentoring with Krishnaji  is a unique spiritual offering that has emerged from Krishnaji’s insights into the nature of human mind, life and consciousness.

What does personal mentoring with Krishnaji, the founder, hold for you?

It is a spiritual journey individualized for what is important to ‘you’. Through dynamic and insightful interactions, Krishnaji leads you into life transforming insights that throw light on the numerous challenges of your life and further revolutionize the entirety of your consciousness. You are lead through transcendental processes by your personal teacher under the guidance and direction of Krishnaji. These extraordinarily powerful processes are created uniquely for you to conquer your current life challenges, rid yourself of past burdens and future anxieties. You realize your true purpose in life.

The various mile stones of your journey are laid out by Krishnaji after interacting with you. Your personal teacher who is trained specially for this leads you through wisdom sessions, deep meditative practices and transcendental journeys to help you cross those milestones and achieve your vision.

The following are the elements of a personal mentoring journey:

  • Wisdom principles to understand the cause of suffering, the nature of suffering and the path to dissolution of suffering.
  • Detox meditations to let go of any stress that is accumulated in your mind, body and consciousness.
  • Meditative practices that activate your spiritual energies and prepare you for the processes.
  • Spiritual practices that ground you on the insights and realizations you have come upon.
  • Enlightening interactions with Krishnaji.
  • Transcendental journeys into the higher realms of consciousness that transform your relationship with yourself, with people around you and with the larger universe.

About Krishnaji, Founder One World Academy:

Krishnaji impacts his students through his wisdom and the power of his consciousness. He is a loving husband and a conscious parent bringing up his 14 year old daughter with a spiritual vision. He is a mentor to the community of teachers at the academy and the creator of the various spiritual courses at the academy along with Preethaji. He also guides a vast community of spiritual seekers spread across 40 countries of the world. Krishnaji and Preethaji are visionaries who have co-founded a global corporate conglomerate with businesses in real estate, infrastructure development, sports, media and solar power.  Together they act as philosophers and guides to their various business teams guiding them in their business missions for the greater well being of the world.

Krishnaji has personally mentored many leaders out of their conflicts in personal and professional life through profoundly liberative teachings. In his teachings he brings about  a convergence of 2 worlds- the intellect and the heart.

Krishnaji is a  philosopher who teaches the way of truth and liberation, free of belief or dogma.  Learning from him directly is awakening to a new consciousness, a new life and the power to create a new world.


One of the fantastic things of One World Academy for me was my interaction with the founder krishnaji. He was concise, accurate and to the point. I was amazed at how quickly he could both feel me and read me, but also the depth of wisdom he derived from my own person.  Steve Petrovich, Chief Executive Officer, A.K Drilling International, S.A

My most profound experiences of stillness and healing have happened in my meditations with Krishnaji and Preethaji.  Dr. Elizabeth Lindsey, Explorer National Geographic, Keynote speaker, Anthropologist.

At school, I have been taught what to think. Here for the first time, I have learnt, how to think. This is possibly the best gift I could have been given.  Lawrence Bloom (Thinker, Activist, Speaker, Chairman)

Every human being deserves to be in this state. To operate and live and experience from a beautiful, happy, pure and joyful state.”  Karolina Kurkova (Super Model Mom, Former Victoria’s Secret Angel, TV Personality and Entrepreneur)

Country after country is living in disconnection. I have learned that inner connection is the key to interconnection. There is an unbelievably important mission that One World Academy is a part of, and I want to be a part of.  Mike Novagrats (Principal and Director – Fortress Investment Group)

The Personal Mentoring – Founders Course is 7 days and has a course fee of $100,000 / Participant.

The first step in registering for either course is to secure dates.  Dates are very limited.  Please email Purnima at for availability.