Ultimate life transformation through a powerful awakening in consciousness.

OWA envisions a total transformation in consciousness. We don’t stop with reformation or a shift in your attitude or behavior. We go beyond, to revolutionize the entirety of you.

To us transformation in consciousness is a threefold shift; a transformation in the way you connect with yourself, a transformation in the way you connect to the other, a transformation in the way you connect to the universe around you.

Imagine a life where you feel an indescribable sense of peace in your heart, where there are no barriers to your achievements and success, where your love feels boundless and effortless, where you live and manifest your deepest passions and dreams, where your relationships are heart-felt and enduring. Such is the life personal mentoring makes possible for you.

Personal mentoring is a spiritual journey that is unique and like no other because it is ‘tailor made’ to address specific issues in your life that demand a total transformation in you. This is where immense wisdom and powerful spiritual experiences converge to change your life forever.

You will gain unparalleled insights into your emotions and feelings; you will be led through powerful processes that culminate in life transforming spiritual leaps. You will learn very potent meditation practices that will continue to power your inward journey long after you leave this campus.

  • You will experience the incredible power of consciousness. You will embark on an ever-deepening journey of connection with life in ways you have never imagined.
  • You will be handheld by the faculty as you are lead on your inner journey.

Unique Spiritual Mentoring like no-where in the world.

This Spiritual mentoring is special because it has emerged from the personal insights of the founders Krishnaji and Preethaji into the nature of human mind, life and consciousness. Being visionaries who have founded several business organizations, loving parents to their daughter, world teachers who travel and address at several global forums and summits, they bring an effortless convergence of the two worlds within themselves and to their students – the internal and the external. Their path is one of wealth and abundance in the world and an awakened consciousness in the inner world.  The various wisdom principles, spiritual processes and meditation practices you will undergo during the course of your personal journey are designed to free you of all that is limiting.  Krishnaji and Preethaji have touched and transformed the lives of world-renowned leaders, CEOs, thinkers and activists forever.

Every step you make in this spiritual journey would have far reaching ripple effects in changing your world. That is why this Personal Mentoring has been designed by the founders to act as an experiential journey personalized to meet you where you are.

You will be personally guided by teachers specially trained to address every form of life’s challenges. From a wide spectrum of wisdom principles and spiritual experiences, they would bring to you what you need to conquer your life challenges.

Your journey will be keenly monitored by the founders and the necessary guidance would be given to your personal teachers to speed you along the process of transformation.

You would have an extraordinary opportunity of meeting one of the founders either virtually or in person and listen to the core wisdom principles that would power your journey forward.

  • You will meditate with the founders during the Limitless Field Meditation and be lead into Transcendental states of Consciousness that can alter your perception of reality. These experiences take you beyond all your mental concepts that define space and time. They break all barriers that separate you from the other and the rest of the world. They open a new dimension in you where infinite possibilities can open up. You awaken to the power of consciousness.
  • You conquer your life’s challenges and emerge into a being capable of clear thinking and Limitless love.

The Personal Mentoring course is 5 days and has a course fee of $25,000 / Participant.

The first step in registering for either course is to secure dates.  Dates are very limited.  Please email Purnima at purnima@oneworldacademy.com for availability.